For all my friend, how are you today ! I hope you in healthy just like me.

The good dream are your success key. Still about the dream, for this time I will to tell you information about” how to make your dream book”. After you describe about what do you hope in this life, the first thing that you do is to prepare a book like album photo. This album photo have function as your dream book. And than search the photo wich have an emotional value from the people that you love. For the example the photo that have the happily altought the sadness. After that put the photo in first page in your dream book. If you have married, put your wife and childs in the first page. After that the second page put your parent photo and your brother/sister in the next page. But, if you is single, you should put your parent photo in the first page, after that put your brother/sister photo in the next page.

After that, write anything about them under that photos. Just for inspiration, I’ll give you for example like : Under your parent photo, you may write

“Father, Mother, your are the best people, your are my rightfully proud. I know that as long as time, your child can not point out the homage for you. I just can say that I really love you very much, but myself can not showing you my lovely by deed. My father and my mother, for this time I want to make you all happy, you child want in order that can enjoy your twilight age with happy and calm witout working again. My heart very sad if I saw your perspiration be drown out because you must keeping the post boiling for our family. Start from this time, you child will be try to make your happy and if the time come, i will to build the good house for your. Your child want your are happily in your twilight age. Oh, My lovely Parents, praying me in order to success! Thanks for the best people in this world, My lovely father and mother.”

Ok, if you finished write your sentence under the lovely people photo, than you may searching an objects that you wanted. For example, if you want to buy a house, car or the other thing as agree with your dream. Under that photo you can  write the criteria (about size, facility, and the other) and target (day, month, year)  when you be possessed of that thing.

You must think if money no matter for you, so make minimal 100 your dream that you bring into reality. Be Spirit you will be success!

Created By : Iwan Victor Leonardo Sitindaon, SH, MH