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Margaret  Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Wanita yang dijuluki sebagai “Iron Lady”,  Margaret Thatcher akhirnya meninggal dunia pada  usia 87  tahun  akibat stroke pada Senin (8/4)  Waktu setempat. Perdana Menteri pertama wanita yang memimpin Partai Konservatif melalui tiga kemenangan pemilu dari 1979 hingga 1990 dikenal sebagai Wanita Besi karena ketangguhan pribadi dan politiknya serta salah satu termasuk Perdana Menteri yang lama memimpin Inggris .

Wanita yang lahir di Grantham, Lincolnshire, Inggris, 13 Oktober 1925 ini dikenal sebagai  seorang Perdana Menteri  yang menggalang dukungan dari serikat-serikat pekerja dan  memberikan peran yang lebih besar kepada perusahaan swasta.

Leadership Thatcher merupakan hal yang kontroversial saat itu. Dia mematahkan kekuatan serikat buruh, mengurangi belanja publik, dan melakukan privatisasi perusahaan yang dikelola negara

Thatcher mengakhiri dunia politik dengan mengundurkan diri dari Perdana Menteri pada tahun 1990 setelah ada tantangan terhadap gaya kepemimpinannya.

Does not feel the two weeks we will celebrate Christmas. After that we will also end the years of 2010 and will enter the new year 2011. Just a flashback of 2010, what we take to be material for reflection and improvement of what we have done so far and what blessings we have received during the year 2010?

So many events the ups and downs we experience in 2010, nor in the life of nation and state, many of the events we have experienced. Let’s see an illustration of the two sheets of paper below:

From these two pieces of paper is certainly more focused our attention on the paper 2 because there is a point / black stain from the paper. We must question what the meaning of these black dots?

Similarly, in our personal lives, by seeing flashbacks of our personal lives at the end of this year 2010 we are always complaining and grumbling, even wonder why we come to this fate no progress from year to year, why trial by ordeal after another keeps coming , why natural disasters always happen to my country, why has yet to find a job, why not rich-rich, why the business is not growing, why not increase career and many other things.

Without us knowing it grumbled that we experience only a small part in our lives. Yet still there is something bigger than it all. All the blessings and grace we have received throughout the year 2010 we never realize and are thankful for.

Similarly, illustrations Paper 2 above, where we only focus on the point / black stain in the paper. Let’s divert our attention to the environment around the point / black stain. Once the extent of the fields are white in these two papers. Environment around the point / black stain is an illustration that reflects the other side of our lives where we have received many blessings without us knowing and we menyukuri it all. Therefore still for thank Him in all circumstances.

The wise man said “Life has 3 dimensions of past, present, and future”. Thus flashback of our life in the year 2010 is not merely contemplating what has happened so far, but use the results of these musings into improvements towards a better life in the new year 2011.